Is it just me, or did this week just fly by? As we transcended another month as well and even were visited by a prognosticating rodent it was another busy week here at “Becoming Today”. Taking a look back, I feel like doing it in reverse from our normal reviews. So beginning with the end,Continue reading “Already?”

Getting Unstuck

Before the world became busy with issues of war and peace, I was sharing some personal testimony that comes from recent experiences. While the global situation remains tenuous, I want to shift our shared focus back to our continuing conversation from the early part of last week, when I noted, “so overcoming the month thatContinue reading “Getting Unstuck”

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Making Your Reality Real

Before we can accelerate into our future, we need to carefully and thoughtfully put things in reverse for a moment, back up, and unload, so we can continue on with plenty of space for our new attitudes, understandings and development. You can not create a state of “Becoming”, if you aren’t willing to let theContinue reading “Making Your Reality Real”

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Refreshing +2

This week has involved  a lot of renewing, refreshing, recommitting and now it’s time for some reviewing. Both on this edition of “Becoming Today”, and in our lives. How has this first week of “+2” fared for each of us? How are we doing along both our shared paths and our individual goals? Earlier thisContinue reading “Refreshing +2”

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Reviewing Your Renewal

Can you believe it? The last weekend of the month already? I know, right? As this month began here at Becoming Today I declared June to be the month of Renewal. Yes I said declared it, and boldly so, because it is something that not only am I feeling strongly led to for myself, butContinue reading “Reviewing Your Renewal”

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