I’m Still Standing

Hello, yes it’s me and it sure feels like I’ve been thinking about us for a long, long time. Plus at times circumstances made it seem as if all the clocks had simply stopped. They had not. Nor have I. Through it all, seemingly against all odds and only by complete surrender can I testifyContinue reading “I’m Still Standing”

Dwelling No More

Dwelling on the past is a destructive habit that can prevent us from moving forward with our lives. It can lead to feelings of regret, shame, guilt and make us feel like we are stuck in a rut, unable to change or grow. Our “Lenten Letter” focuses on giving up the need to relive theContinue reading “Dwelling No More”

Giving Up Discouragement

Tick, tock… yes the traditional spelling not the app. Tick, tock. The clock reveals time is indeed slipping into the future, yet as I was reminded yesterday a lot can happen in seven days. Now that the palm fronds have been waved the winds shift in the direction of change reminding us by this weekContinue reading “Giving Up Discouragement”

Giving Up Self-Doubt

With a week to go, I am continuing my 40-day challenge to reflect and release on things that have been hindering me along my path. Each day I continue to be focused on releasing the blockages and self imposed limitations as I seek to be freer to achieve my own resurrection by Easter Sunday. MyContinue reading “Giving Up Self-Doubt”

Battling Hate

Much like former President Jimmy Carter today I am freely, willing and  publicly confessing my sin. While it’s not the same sin as he admitted to, well at least not this time, it is similar because while I have not acted upon it I have held onto it. So in this “Lenten Letter”,  I amContinue reading “Battling Hate”

Releasing Lack

Continuing on with what has turned out to be a revealing Lenten season, I keep thinking back to what someone said to me, when I announced I was undertaking this course of action. When I shared with her it was my intention to “give up” something different everyday for Lent, she exclaimed without hesitation, “areContinue reading “Releasing Lack”


There are just nine days remaining in Lent this year. Though that is still plenty of time for you to decide to participate in our ongoing exercise.  Even in secular culture the idea of giving something up for Lent has increased in practice in recent years. Though without the deep spiritual connection it seems manyContinue reading “Preconceptions”

Other’s Expectations

Continuing on with my personal examination of this Lenten season, this letter is addressed to “They”. Why? Because I have some things to say to “them”. Releasing myself from the expectations of others, is the focus of this edition of “Becoming Today”. Hello “They”, I have had enough. I am saying no more! I honestlyContinue reading “Other’s Expectations”

Thank You, but…

Not grammatically the best way to begin however this is one of those discussions full of contrasts.  Weighing all sides, then recalling we are not limited to just two sides of every question, so choosing to examine the perspectives from 360 points of view, the circle continues to spin and my inability to make aContinue reading “Thank You, but…”


The subjugation to suppression, bondage, and duress. In this case not to another person. Not to an entity. Not by governmental action, nor criminal activity.  The enslavement I need to “give up” is to the issues lingering from within, that are holding me captive and preventing me from moving on. That’ll be the focus ofContinue reading “Enslavement”


Decisions are something that apparently more than a few people have trouble with. As I often have shared, I belong to the schools of thought that teach,…. What happens when you make a decision? Either it works. Or it doesn’t It always made perfect sense to me, however as we’ll explore on this edition ofContinue reading “Indecision”

Questioning Questioning

There is no question mark required. I am most definitely questioning my questioning. In this “Lenten Letter” I am realizing a connection between several issues I am attempting to ‘give up’. My resistance seems to stem from my denying myself and remaining adhered to false labels and past identities. That will be our focus onContinue reading “Questioning Questioning”

Selfish Selfishness

Part of the process. Another piece of the puzzle.  As this enigma, wrapped in a mystery shrouded by my own self imposed limitations, is again exorcising another revelation in my daily seasonal therapy.  In this “Lenten Letter” I am realizing my inability to address not being selfish to myself stems from a realization of myContinue reading “Selfish Selfishness”


I’m sorry for the overly positive headline today… well maybe not, but it is an honest straight to the point summation of the observation I’ve been making about the overall condition my condition has been in the past few days. Not very Becoming I admit, but truthful.  So as we progress together in this “LentenContinue reading “Malaise”

Allowing To Blossom

When last we spoke I mentioned I had been noticing some recurring patterns. Again I am cognisant of those connections, seeing  them more clearly and appreciating the synchronicities.  On this edition of “Becoming Today”, we’ll discuss how letting go of some things allows them and us to blossom. One of the concurrences of events I’mContinue reading “Allowing To Blossom”

Clarifying Connections

So I’ve been noticing some things. Evidence of recurring patterns that I have recognized as I continue to move forward in this real time series of “Lenten Letters”.  On this edition of “Becoming Today” we’ll examine how clarifying these connections is aiding my goal, while causing even more things to come into the light. HeyContinue reading “Clarifying Connections”


No, this “Lenten Letter” is not about making an anti-tax statement, rather it is addressed to my need to ‘give up’ not giving something to myself that I freely extend to others. I’ll explain on this edition of “Becoming Today”. Dear Rochelle, I know how you feel today. Something is amiss, not connecting, preventing meContinue reading “Withholding”

Struggling With Silence

This is another one of those issues, which I’m dealing with from two sides. One I’d like to “give up” in today’s Lenten Letter and the other I need to regain focus of. Which one should I address first? Let me flip a coin and see as we begin this edition of “Becoming Today”. OkayContinue reading “Struggling With Silence”