Depths of Dormancy

I have to admit this has been where I have been residing for the last few weeks, well actually all month long. The depths of dormancy overtook me as I found myself in a bit of a funk. A malaise. Sub-par; less than average. Not at all where I wanted to be. So on thisContinue reading “Depths of Dormancy”

Transitioning Faith Transforming Fear

It’s one of those moments when life happens. Beyond our control, testing our resolve, causing us to realign our best made plans.  I promised yesterday to continue today with part two of Faith Over Fear … and well this is not it.  I didn’t forget , I simply have to reschedule that topic till Monday.Continue reading “Transitioning Faith Transforming Fear”

Transformative Transition

Are you ready? We’ve reached another point of change along our shared journey here at Becoming Today. Not only around us, but also a time when I believe we’ll all notice some of these decidedly different differences taking effect within us.  As the calendar will mark the start of a new month, tomorrow, we alsoContinue reading “Transformative Transition”