Self Energizing

So some have asked, ‘is there a shortcut to living righteously?’ Well the short answer is no, however you can get there quicker by starting,… now. No two can do it in identical ways. While we walk this shared path together, our steps are independently ordered and routes vary.  Though the inspiration you desire isContinue reading “Self Energizing”

Tenaciously Energized

Yesterday in our discussion of  what it means to act with “Tenacity on Purpose”,  I shared a definition and posed some questions for you. On this edition of “Becoming Today”, so you don’t miss out, I’ll ask them again allowing you to reflect upon them, while I answer a question I get asked quite aContinue reading “Tenaciously Energized”

Energize Your Power Within

I hope you are feeling quite Grace-Full. As we wrapped up our in depth look at the 8 Points of Light, I shared, Grace is a magnificent gift from God. It allows us to be forgiven as we continue “Becoming Today”.Remaining of the right mind. Living righteously it empowers our lives. So some have asked,Continue reading “Energize Your Power Within”